Connect with Hannah.

Passionate, creative, and enamoured with the world of art and beauty. Hannah draws inspiration for her craft from music, photography, art galleries and great artists of all disciplines. Her process is fuelled by an appreciation for creation and the innovative use of tools and mediums.

Hannah is a graduate of the world-renowned Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London, England. She has also taken advanced courses with The Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy out of Manchester, England.

Known for her “soft glam” looks Hannah takes a “less is more” minimalist approach to fashion and beauty. Her perfectionist attention to detail enables her to deliver a consistent standard on all bookings whether they are individual or commercial. She enjoys bringing positivity and optimism to every situation.

“My goal is to make sure that every person who is part of the styling team is happy and more than satisfied with the final result of my makeup creation. I need to feel like I’ve done my best work on an editorial shoot to meet not only the director’s vision, but also my own expectations for a flawless look. For personal clients my goal is, of course, that they feel beautiful and the best version of themselves. I need them to know that I have heard their requests and tailored their makeup to a look that they love and feel comfortable with, whether it be soft and natural or wild and creative.”